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About ASIO Gear


The whitetail bow hunting apparel business was lacking two things: 1. a really good camo pattern that blended in with the foliage while in tree stands across the whitetail range and 2. features that made sense. In an effort to change that, ASIO Gear founder and CEO, Joe Miles, decided to take matters into his own hands and create a premium, bow hunting apparel line that was unlike any other on the market today. Here’s the story of how it came to be.

One afternoon last fall, Joe was walking through the woods scouting and he sees two great horned owls fighting in a tree. One owl flies into a nearby tree and vanishes. As Joe walks closer to the tree to get a better view, the owl flies to another tree and vanishes again. Joe couldn’t see the majestic animal anywhere.

That’s when it hit him.

Owls, with their feathered camo pattern, are the ultimate woods-tree predator. Simply put, their camo is unbelievable.

After some extensive research on animal eyesight, Joe’s idea was beginning to make sense.

The next step was to create the camo pattern itself. Working with a high-end graphic artist, Joe perfected the shadowing, depth, and pattern layout, and landed (no pun intended) on one of the most innovative camo pattern designs that he’s seen in decades. Taking the pattern to the woods, it was clear that it was a winner. The design immediately disappeared amongst the background and that was all the confirmation Joe needed to make ASIO Gear a reality.

Fast forward to today and Joe’s dedication to sourcing the best fabrics, best cut, and best production have made ASIO Gear a premium, ultra-high-quality camo apparel line that is as good or better than anything available. Joe was also insistent that ASIO Gear be a direct-to-consumer brand. This model provides bow hunters the best price by removing the middle man and retailer markup that can often drive up the price on premium apparel lines.

Like-minded bow hunters are going to love this line. We can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.

Our Founder

Joe Miles, like many others, started hunting at a very young age. He was lucky to grow up in a hunting family, with a father who taught him much of the outdoors and who helped him take his first whitetail at just 5 years old. At 15, Joe gave up the rifle and started bow hunting full time. He learned a lot chasing the heavily hunted and pressured whitetails in the South and has been able to grow his hunting passion into full-time businesses — Sporting Adventures International and ASIO Gear.

After college, Joe went to Africa where he was accepted to the very prestigious professional hunter’s school, G.A. Steenkamp. Upon completion, he spent the next few years working as an apprentice under different Professional Hunters around Africa and later received his full Professional Hunters (PH) license. He is one of only a few US citizens to have held a cherished PH license. Joe has been very fortunate over the years and has hunted or guided in 15 different countries. He has also taken the free-range world record Red Stag and Pere David’s Deer with a bow in Argentina.

Furthermore, over the last few years, Joe has had the opportunity to undertake some of the most extreme expeditions-type mountain hunts from Alaska to Krygestan, which helped him tremendously in understanding the importance of good quality apparel. Such experience helped in the creation of ASIO Gear. His true passion has always been whitetail bow hunting and he has said, “Guys that can consistently kill mature whitetails with a bow, year in and year out, can be successful hunting anything on the planet.”

Joe now spends the better part of the fall bow hunting deer all over North America and has taken over 100 whitetails with his bow; many of which are record book quality bucks and four have been over 170” P&Y (two of which are over 180” P&Y). He really enjoys hunting across the full whitetail range for different deer and figuring out and moving in on a particular animal. In his opinion, hunting big mature whitetails is by far the greatest challenge in the hunting arena and he hopes to keep doing it for many years to come.

Joe Miles
Joe Miles