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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the cut and sew manufacturing capabilities needed to handle the complex stitching and fabric of our line isn’t available here at home.

Our hope is that will change in a post-COVID world. We want to make these garments at home and as soon as we can, we will.

The heart and soul of our company is in Columbia, SC. It’s where we designed the line, where our small team lives, and where our operations are based.

To say it plainly, we hate Chinese manufacturing. However, the choices were: A) don’t make anything now and wait/hope we can later, B) make a cheaper and more simple product that could be done here, or C) start in China, making the best product to rival other premium brands, and then work hard to bring the manufacturing home. We chose option C and we hope you can support that decision in the short term. If you can’t, we certainly understand.

We will not be in China next year. We can’t promise full USA yet, but we can promise no more China.

Side note #1: it takes over a year to bring a line like this to market. We were working on it well before the COVID pandemic hit.

Side note #2: if anyone knows of a US-based textile manufacturer that is planning to upgrade their cut and sew operations to rival the most complex, imported work, please reach out to us! But in the meantime, we will keep looking and/or develop competencies our self.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our product. Please view our return/exchange policy here.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our product. Please view our return/exchange policy here.

Our products are made from some of the best materials and fabrics in the hunting apparel market and have been made specifically for the ASIO brand. With the serious bow hunter in mind, ASIO Gear products combine comfort and breathability with the features most sought after by the avid bow hunter; noiselessness and functionality. Silent, stretchy materials with the highest dexterity were on the top of the priority list for developing ASIO Gear, and we think we’ve succeeded.

You can see the materials and fabrics used for each piece in our line in the descriptions on the product pages.

You can learn more about who we are and our story by visiting our about page, but here is an abbreviated version.

ASIO Gear was started out of a passion for the sport by a guy who has been around the whitetail bowhunting block for over 30 years. Joe Miles, ASIO Gear’s founder and CEO, is an over-the-top whitetail hunter who was looking for a way to take his bowhunting to the next level. In the end, he created a never-before-seen camo pattern that he knew would do exactly that. In short, make him better at what he loved doing most.

So, who is ASIO Gear? We are a South Carolina company comprised of a dedicated team who has a passion for whitetail bowhunting. We want to help hunters like you (and us) be better, be in the stand longer, and ultimately be a more confident, efficient and effective bowhunter. Period.

The hunting apparel market is saturated with premium brands that have made a name for themselves in the camouflage industry, but none have created a line of apparel specifically for the whitetail, tree stand bowhunter.

Our goal for ASIO Gear was to create an apparel line that could maximize bowhunters’ efficiency and effectiveness while bowhunting from a tree.

ASIO Gear offers a camouflage pattern that has never been seen before. Our ASIO Raptor pattern was inspired by the feather pattern and blend of the most majestic tree predators and master of camouflage, the owl.

Our one-of-a-kind pattern blends perfectly in any tree, in any part of the whitetail range, giving bowhunters flexibility no matter where they roam. A pattern that works in the deep woods in the South and also in the leaf-barren woods of the Northeast in the winter? How is that possible?

The versatile camo design and coloring so closely resembles the look of an owl, that no matter your background, a whitetail’s eye will only see the tree. No other camouflage can come close to our RAPTOR pattern, and we have tested them all.

And when it comes to performance, our ASIO Gear-exclusive fabrics and features put it far above the rest. Built-in facemasks, form-fitting sleeves, range finder pockets, and simple, yet effective, designs give bowhunters exactly what you need — nothing more.

ASIO Gear apparel line is the optimal tool bowhunters need to get the job done. No frills, no gimmicks, just hard-core camo, designed to make you a better.

We believe in our gear so much, that we have a 100% hassle-free guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the gear you received, simply send it back. We’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

So, what do you have to lose?

Our innovative RAPTOR pattern works in all ranges of the whitetail spectrum. Developed in South Carolina where hard wood and soft trees are abundant, we’ve tested our pattern in the whitetail ranges of the South, Midwest & Northeast regions. Overall, our pattern will keep you concealed no matter what part of the country you plan to hunt. If you’re against a tree, you’ll be invisible.

We’ve developed three (3) seasonal collections of ASIO Gear in our innovative RAPTOR camo pattern.

  • Our Early-Season collection (lightweight hoodie and lightweight pant) is best worn during those hot and humid hunts when temperatures are 60 degrees are warmer.
  • Our Mid-Season collection (midweight hoodie, midweight pant & core warmth vest) is the best used as a full system and paired with a good base layer. Our midweight gear provides the most comfort in the mid to upper 30’s to the upper 50-degree range.
  • Our Late-Season collection (bibs and jacket) is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Mid-Season system or with a good base layer. When paired appropriately, our Late-Season collection will keep you warm and comfortable down to negative temperatures.