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Late-Season Bib

Product Details

If you’ve ever been in a tree stand in freezing or below temperatures, you know it can be a miserable experience. Cold, frigid weather can wreak havoc on your body and make even the most serious bow hunter wave the white flag.

  • Noise-Cancelling, Brushed Poly Spandex 420 Fleece
  • Quilted Prima Loft insulated interior
  • 100% windproof
  • Water repellant & Antimicrobial treatments
  • Burr-resistant coating
  • Unique pocket design to keep things ultra-quiet
  • Side zip for easy on/off
  • Adjustable, quick-release suspenders with fleece sleeves for the ultimate silence
  • Two-way fly zipper

Our Late-Season Bib makes day-long sits seem like a vacation and braving the elements for that hit-list buck a piece of cake.

Made of noise-canceling, brushed poly-spandex fleece, and printed in our stealth ASIO RAPTOR CAMO pattern, our bib is the crème de le crème of whitetail bow hunting bibs. With a quilted PrimaLoft®* insulated interior and sherpa fleece-lined hand pockets, you’ll stay undetected and warmer longer while waiting on that trophy buck. Full two way side zips for heat venting when walking in and out of stand locations and easy on/off.

Our Late-Season collection (bibs and jacket) is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Mid-Season system or with a good base layer. When paired appropriately, our Late-Season collection will keep you warm and comfortable down to negative temperatures.

This item is imported and constructed with polyester.

Disclaimer: Long exposure to ozone and/or ozone machines can impact the elasticity and cause damage to some ASIO Gear garments. * PrimaLoft is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc. PrimaLoft, Inc. is not affiliated with ASIO gear.

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