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Late-Season Jacket

Product Details

Some hunting jackets have unnecessary features that can just get in the way when you’re focused on taking that perfect shot. Our Late-Season Jacket is a no-frills-all-function jacket that focuses on the stretch, comfort, and dexterity that whitetail bowhunters need when climbing in and out of tree stands and drawing their bow.

Filled with PrimaLoft®* insulation, and featuring sherpa-lined pockets and a straight, full-zip closure, this simple, but highly functional jacket will keep you in the stand longer and make accessing all your bow-hunting gear a breeze.

In addition to superior warmth, our Late-Season Jacket is printed in our stealth ASIO RAPTOR CAMO that will ensure maximum invisibility, giving you a better chance of taking your target buck.

Pair with our Late-Season Bib, midweight collection, and/or our Core-Warmth Vest to have the ultimate, top-to-bottom, late-season bowhunting set that will keep you in the stand for 10+ hours.

Our Late-Season collection (bibs and jacket) is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Mid-Season system or with a good base layer. When paired appropriately, our Late-Season collection will keep you warm and comfortable down to negative temperatures.

  • Noise-Cancelling, Brushed Poly Spandex 420 Fleece
  • Quilted Prima Loft insulated interior
  • 100% windproof
  • Quiet range-finder pocket
  • Water repellant & Antimicrobial treatments
  • Unique pocket design to keep things ultra-quiet
  • Tree harness slit in back
This item is imported and constructed with polyester.

* PrimaLoft is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc. PrimaLoft, Inc. is not affiliated with ASIO gear.

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